Banks that offer an Optometrist Mortgage Loan:

Finding a good Optometrist Mortgage Loan is slightly more of a challenge. As you search traditional Doctor Mortgage Loans, you will find that there are several good programs out there that also include Optometrists in their list of eligible professions.

This is a great alternative to FHA or a traditional Conventional Loan with Private Mortgage Insurance.

Residency Mortgage


This list is much shorter than I would like. If you know of a lender who offers a loan specifically available to Optometrist, than please email me at




Below is a list of Physician Lenders who offer an Optometrist Mortgage Loan.

BB&T Bank: Click here for Program Features and Loan Officer Contact Information

Available in: AL, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MD, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, DC, WV.

Bank of America:Click here for Program Features and Loan Officer Contact Information
Available in: (ALL 50 STATES)

Horizon Bank:Click here for Program Features and Loan Officer Contact Information
Available in the following states: MI, IN, and IL (call for specific counties served)

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