2023 Match Day. Are You Ready?

Anticipation is reaching peak levels with the NRMP Main Residency Match happening soon. Yes, March is upon us. For most, this day can’t come soon enough.

See the NRMP match day schedule.

Soon, many will receive an email alleviating the fear of matching. Now the anxiety almost becomes greater. Will I get my first choice? Or my second? Perhaps my third?

Your entire life you’ve know you wanted to be a doctor. Now that medical school is almost complete – the questions start over again: Where am I going to live? Should I rent a studio or 1 bedroom? Will I even be able to find a rental? Everyone says the rental housing market has gotten tight – what does that mean? Will I need to find a roommate? How much can I afford? Does it make sense to rent or buy at this point?

Yes, it’s very possible in many cities and states in the US to attain the American dream: Having the best resources to guide you effortlessly through the process is critical to making your transition a smooth one.

Here at Doctorloanprograms.com you can utilize our free directory of physician banks offering a program in your state.

Good luck this month and please contact the banks listed on this site to help you finance your next dream home!

All the best.

The Doctorloanprograms.com Team.