US Bank Doctor Loan



Program Details

  • 5% down to $1.00MM loan amount
  • 10% down to $1.5MM
  • 15% down to $2MM
  • 25% down to $2.5MM
  • 3, 6, or 12 months reserves required based on loan amount
  • No PMI
  • Single family, condominiums, and townhomes
  • 30 yr fixed, 10/1 ARM, and 7/1 ARM options

-Available to MD and DO

-Gift Funds allowed for 100% of down payment

-No seasoning requirements

-Fixed and ARM options

-Close within 6 months of starting your new position

-$1,000 relationship credit off closing costs

Interest only and lot and construction financing also available for physicians

***You must be out of residency within the last 10 years***

All of the loan officers recommended by this site specialize in working with doctors ONLY. They are battle tested, seasoned, and recommended by your peers.

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