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The Doctor Mortgage Loan Program is designed to help qualified Physicians and Dentists acquire a residential mortgage loan from participating lenders with zero to very little money down and no PMI.

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Special Physician Loans are available.


Physician Loans are specialized mortgages tailored for medical professionals like doctors and residents. They feature benefits such as low or zero down payments, flexible debt-to-income ratios, and waived private mortgage insurance.

These loans consider future earning potential and often have lenient credit score requirements, making them accessible for those with student debt or limited credit history, facilitating homeownership while managing financial responsibilities effectively.

Eligibility requirements for physician loans:

Physician loans are specialized for medical professionals, requiring completion of a medical degree and residency, proof of healthcare employment, and a stable income. They often finance up to 100% of the home’s price without needing private mortgage insurance, ideal for doctors starting their careers while managing student debt effectively.

Tips for finding the best loan terms:

When selecting a home loan, weigh the interest rate and term length carefully. Shorter terms mean higher monthly payments but less interest over time, while longer terms offer lower monthly payments but higher overall costs. Explore physician loans for benefits like minimal down payments and waived PMI to secure favorable terms and achieve homeownership sooner.

How to prepare for the application process:

Preparing for a physician loan application involves gathering essential financial documents like tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements. Review your credit report for accuracy and address any issues to improve eligibility and interest rates.

Obtain pre-approval to clarify your budget and streamline your home search. Proactive preparation enhances your chances of securing favorable terms for your dream home as a medical professional.

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