Let’s Talk about Income

Let’s Talk about Income Many physician lenders offer some unique ways of looking at your income. Often the guidelines for determining your employment are more flexible than your typical Conventional Loan. When researching a mortgage for doctors consider your options. Qualifying for a Doctor Loan:Types of Doctor Employment:Physician lenders often

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Is a Doctor Loan right for you?

Is a Doctor Loan right for you? Physician loan vs FHA and Conventional A Doctor Loan is a specialized home loan financing program for medical doctors, including residents and fellows, looking to purchase a primary residence. In most cases, only a minimal down payment is necessary (if at all), Private

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What really is a Pre-Approval?

What really is a Pre-Approval? Understanding the Pre-Approval Process The last few years have brought about significant changes in the mortgage and home loan process. Gone are the days of stated and no verification loans. This has resulted in significant changes to programs that cater to physician loans. As a

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