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Available States: CO, IL, IN KY, MI MN, ND, OH, SD, ND, WV, WI, PA

– We service all our Physician Loans and do not sell or transfer the loan to another servicer and the Dr. Program has been in place going on 14 years and I specialize in Physician Loan Financing.

Medical doctors, dentists and Veterinarians with M.D, D.O., D.V.M, D.P.M, D.D.S or D.M.D degree and an employment contract, Medical Doctors including podiatrists and Ophthalmologists are permitted.

-1 to 2 unit Principal Residence, PUDS, Townhome and Condos
(Non-warrantable condos limited to 90% LTV )
-Up to 100% financing with no PMI for loan amounts up to $1,000,000
-Up to 95% financing with no PMI for loan amounts $1,001,000 to $1,250,000
Up to 90% financing with no PMI for loan amounts $1,250,001 to $2,000,000
-Refinance options available: (Up to $250K cash out available)
-Student loans in deferment for at least 12 months excluded from debt to income ratio or if IBR can utilize income-based student loan payment calculator
-Available loan products: 30 Year Fixed, 15 Year Fixed, 15/1 arm, 10/1 arm, 7/1arm, 5/1 arm, 3/1 arm (Amortized over 30 years)
-700 Minimum Credit Score
( Allowable to 680 with down payment of 5 to 10% depending on loan amount )
-Maximum DTI of 50%
-Closing may occur prior to employment start date with an acceptable signed contract and start date
-Gift Funds allowable, can be applied to down payment, closing costs or cash reserves
-No closing cost rate options availabl


Available States: CO, IL, IN KY, MI MN, ND, OH, SD, ND, WV, WI, PA  ( Note, this is not a doctor specific product )

  • 1-2 Unit Principal Residence
  • 1 Unit second home to 1M
  • No Private mortgage insurance
  • 90% LTV to 1M                  740 credit score
  • 80% LTV to 2M                  740 credit score
  • Build periods up to 2 years.
  • One set of costs and just one closing
  • Lock permanent rate at application.
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate options
  • Over 20 years of experience in construction lending
  • Interest only during construction
  • Construction is complete, loan modifies to principal and interest.
  • No self builds.

Lot loans available

  • 80% LTV to $350,000
  • 720 credit score
  • Higher loan amounts available with lower LTV
  • 5/6 arm amortized over 20 years.

Homestyle construction loans available to 97% for First time buyers ( Defined as not owned a home in the last 3 years ).
PRODUCT BENEFITS The HomeStyle Renovation product is a fixed rate product that enables a borrower to purchase or refinance an existing mortgage and finance repairs and improvements into the loan balance with a single loan closing.

  • Single family to 95% LTV
  • 1 to 4 units
  • Second home 1 unit
  • 30 year fixed rate only
  • Max mortgage is $766,550
  • Minimum 620 Credit score
  • Private mortgage insurance applies if greater than 80% LTV.

All of the loan officers listed here specialize in working with doctors ONLY. They are battle tested, seasoned, and recommended by your peers.

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