First Tech Federal Credit Union: Vacant Land and Lot Financing

Available in the following states:AZ,CA,CO,CT,DE,DC,FL,GE,ID,ME,ML,MA,MN,NV,NH,NJ,NM,NY,NC,OH,OR,PA,SC,TX,UT,VA,WA

70% Land Financing “Lot Loan” – 15 Year Fixed Rate

• Up to $1 Million Loan Amount (Min $10K)

• Purchase or Rate/Term

• 70% to $500K loan amount

• 60% to $750K loan amount

• 50% to $1 Million loan amount

• 700 Min FICO

• 12 mo PITI reserves required to $500K loan

• 18 mo PITI reserves required to $1 Million loan

• Up to 10 Acres (larger acreage to be considered case by case)

• Gift Funds allowed (3% min borrower contribution)

• No power or utilities required at lot

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