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-No PMI (no mortgage insurance)
-100% loan to $1M loan amount
-95% loan to $1.5M loan amount
-90% loan to $1.75M loan amount
-85% loan to $2.5M loan amount
-Available to Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian and Chiropractors.
-Single family, 1-2 Unit Properties, townhome, condo
-Max DTI 43%
-Close up to 90 days before new job start date with employment offer letter.
-Ability to use IBR (Income Based Repayments) for student loans.
-Ability to not count student loans towards DTI ratio if deferred at least 12 months after closing

All of the loan officers listed  here specialize in working with doctors ONLY. They are battle tested, seasoned, and recommended by your peers.

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